3 Tips to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Master Bedroom

You’ve decided to completely remodel the master bedroom of your Ramona house and you’ve begun stripping the room in preparation for going out with the old and bringing in the new as a bold, outward statement of the growth and changes you’ve made in the past year. The shedding of the old is only the first step. Now you must make sure the remodel that will be sleeping with you for the years to come will reflect your personality and accentuate your decor, both inspiring you and reviving you.

Choosing the colors you will work with is one of the first and most important steps. The inside of your house is all yours, but the overall look of a bedroom can change significantly depending on the views from the master bedroom. Our specialists understand the tastes and personality of Ramona inhabitants and whether native or a transplant to Ramona, we can help your inside integrate beautifull with the Ramona landscape.

In my opinion earthy colors work best in bedrooms. The help ground you after a long days work and allow your mind to relax into a state of restoration once you’ve retired for the evening. However, you may have more things going on in your house and you may also be a morning person who has no trouble sleeping but wants to wake up to a vibrant scene each morning to jump on the gas right away. This is why at heart choosing your color should be all about you, however, there are a few tips and suggestions that tend to work really well from the professionals.


TIP # 1

If you are unsure between relaxation or revival, go in the middle. Especially if you have a large bathroom or a large walk in closet it can sometimes work very well to choose a multiple color theme. Our Valspar paint line is always on sale, 15% off, on wedsdays and not only can you get professional paint in just the right color, you can also get an unbeatable bargain. You can have a brighter color on one wall or the bathroom and maintain a more neutral shade in the main area of the master bedroom. . If you have a large master bedroom you will have many options, including the option to mix colors to define your unique personality.

TIP # 2

Take into oconsideration the mood you want to feel in your bedroom. Cool and Soothing colors are natural for the Bedroom. Some stenciling or design work can add personality and energy. Smaller patterns are more traditionally used but large patterns and shapes have become a more contemporary look. We have professional Valspar paint in dozens of colors and our professionals can also mix custom paint for your needs.

TIP # 3

Use effective accessories to enhance the mood and design of the bedroom. The types of doors and light fixtures are especially important to enhancing the look of a color sequence in a master bedroom. We also have the supplies to install doors and light fixtures. If you are interested in learning more about what we recommend, click HERE for doors and HERE for light fixtures. However, the biggest tip I can recommend for choosing lights is that hanging lights work best for darker colors while inset lights work best for nuetral colors. Also, the amount of natural light in the morning can make a big impact.


We're so happy that you decided to start a home improvement remodel on your home in Ramona. We are always striving to improve the quality of our products and services and we take great pride in helping Ramona residents improve the quality of their homes.

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