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Impress your guests on weekends or indulge the self with decorative, custom built privacy walls and aesthetic fences.  Talk to our qualified professionals to find out how we can turn your outdoor lounge area into an after work oasis.

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Your back yard is yours for a reason.  It's Yours!  If you want to overeat and drink in a speedo while flapping around in a blow up swimmy kids pool, that's your choice and we get it.  Your neighbors might not and then there's the block party next Sunday.  Need a fence?

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Custom Wooden Fence Types by Ramona Fence Inc.

Classic Picket Fence

Picket fences were an American Classic 400 years ago at the birth of our country and today, picket fences are still an American Classic. The range of style, size, color and personality can vary significantly with a picket fence but from boutique to rustic there's probably one that fits yours!

Vertical Board Fence

Vertical Board Fencing is the way to get enhanced noise and wind protection; appeasing your neighbors with style while at the same time separating yourself from being too involved in their daily lives and every activity. Standing tall and braced with heavy posts, they deter less aggressive intruders.

Horizontal Board

Another popular style of fence is the custom finish horizontal board.  We install these on uneven and hard to access terrains where a more finished vertical board fence would end up costing the home owner a substantial investment. Horizontal board can be easier to install and may often provide the more economical choice for difficult terrains.

Wooden Privacy Fence

If you want a regal look but still maintain homely and rustic; a privacy fence is the way to go, providing a higher level of security and privacy than most wooden fences, they can be custom designed to make your home look great and increase property value.

Wooden Lattice Fence

Lattice offers an upgraded look from chain link and appeals more to higher end neighborhoods and well off ranches.  It's provides a basic level of privacy and protection without sacrificing the view you obtained by purchasing a high value property.

Horse/Animal Corrals

Only in Ramona will you see a Cali punk girl with pink hair riding a horse while texting on her cell phone.  Modern society can't get us to stop loving our horses and animals.  If you feel as we do about our furry and four legged family then you will choose us to protect them.

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