Father’s Day is All About Grilling & Beer

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We here at Economizers Hardware celebrate fathers.  So this Father’s Day were offering all fathers a discount on our selection of grills.  We still have grills from last year we’re willing to offer at an even greater discount.  

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There’s few things that dads enjoy more than grilling and beer. So honor your Dad this Father’s Day in his court.  Get a grill, get some beer and take a look at our recommended Menu for the Father’s Day Hall of Fame.

Tangy Beer-Can Chicken

The can method keeps the bird moist while it grills because liquid in the can forms steam inside the cavity. Start with a great spice rub. Then add the beer of your choice and enjoy the flavor as it's steamed in. If Dad is a real beer connoisseur, consider choosing a craft beer such as a porter for rich flavors or a fruity wheat beer for a lighter main dish.  Although, any canned beverage will work, since it won't really add too much flavor to the chicken. We like the bright, tangy flavor of good old-fashioned yellow mustard here.


Budweiser, Bud Light & Bud with Lime.

This goes without saying.  Budweiser is a Father’s Day beer.  But we also recommend craft beers and anything else that comes in a bottle or a can if you’ve seen dad drinking it.

Barbecued Lime Shrimp and Corn

This recipe is designed to cook on a campfire, but you can take the rack out of your grill and put the foil bags on the charcoal for the same effect. Corn and shrimp with deeply flavorful seasonings like lime, soy sauce, honey, and coriander bake and steam in 10 minutes wrapped in foil. You don't even need plates―just tear open the packets and eat straight from them, with a side of French bread for sopping up juices.

Grilled Pepper Poppers

The breaded and deep-fried version of this dish is a nutritional nightmare, but our version, with spicy pepper flavor and generous amounts of cheese, has only 84 calories per popper. Try swapping out the Parmesan for cheddar, jack, or your favorite smooth-melting cheese for a whole new taste.

Creamy Black Pepper Coleslaw

Cutting the cabbage coarsely gives the dish a different look from shredded-cabbage slaws. A full teaspoon of black pepper lends pleasant warm heat without overpowering. Make the dish up to a day ahead if you like—the veggies will stay crisp and the flavors will meld as the slaw chills.

Smoked-Apple Apple Pie

This Father’s day father’s dream pie applies the best of both wolds in the savory and sweet department.  A hint of smoked apple-wood bacon garnishes the pie crust causing a distinguished improvement on the classic Apple Pie.

Honeydew-Jalapeño Margaritas. 

Meet your new favorite poolside cocktail. This slushy sipper offers sweet, floral honeydew flavor with a nice slow burn from jalapeño-infused tequila.

If you come in anytime during Father's Day week, let us no you're a father and you're looking to grill and we'll give you the best deal we possible can.

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