Will Buying the Construction Materials for My Home Remodel Save Me Money?


The simple answer is yes. However, if you have ever done a home improvement model in Ramona than you know that things don't always go as simply as we'd hope. While purchasing the building materials yourself from a local hardware store like ours, Economizers Hardware on 2nd st in Ramona, CA, will save you money, there are several things you should consider before investing the time into buying the building materials yourself and increasing the chance for error.

Becoming more involved in your remodel project can be fun and also make the final outcome of the remodel more satisfying. As a child I watched and many times helped my Dad with countless remodel projects in Ramona that my Mom decided needed to be done on the home they owned and I grew up in as a child. My dad did remodels of bedroom, bathrooms, the livingroom, dining room and kitchen. He also built decks, a shed, remodeled the shed and helped install an above groun pool. In essence, ove the years of my childhood, I was able to contribute into the remodel of basically our entire 3 bedroom home. As an adult, my attention to detail and eye for design has been asked for in many more situations.

While my mom did most of the layout, design and decorating, it was up to my dad to source the materials and get the lion's share of the labor acchomplished. We would also employ outside labor and at times we would order our material from them.

"Economizers Hardware is an Oyld Time Hardware and construction supply store that that can help you plan and design your home remodel and also order speacilized products unique to your needs."

Having been able to experience this as I child I was able to develop an appreciation for the art of buying my own construction materials for home remodel projects. I was also able to relish in the ease of allowing them to be purchased by the hired contractor. So I have decided to put together a little guide on when to decide to buy your own home remodel construction materials and equally as importantly, when not to.

The main thing that will benefit you if you are planning on choosing to buy your own materials is that you are very certain of the look and design that you want. When you are searching yourself not only will you have more time browsing to make sure you find the perfect colors and accents, you will also be able to choose from a larger selection to make sure what you have is going to come out the closest to what you are envisioning. Also, many people like to incorporate antique designs and retro. It wouldn't make sense to pay a contractor to go out and window shop for you unless you had the disposible income to not care if the bill shifts several thousands dollars on an upward trend. If money was not an issue I believe you would be hiring designers, archetects and decorators instead of researching how to save money.

"Economizers Hardware is an Oyld Time Hardware and construction supply store that that can get you whole sale prices on your personal remodeling projects."

BUT IT DOESN't HAVE TO BE JUST ABOUT MONEY. Buying the supplies and materials yourself can be a lot of fun.

“It was too hard to compare companies when they included materials,” she says. “It was easier to compare competitor prices apples to apples when it was just for labor.”


Often different quotes from different contractors can be complex, confusing and offer an extreme spectrum in pricing. When you source the materials yourself you remove a huge variable from the equation. It is much easier to make a black and white version of quote comparison and to compare correctly who is giving you what kind of deal.

There are many reasons to to go ahead and purchase and choose the construction materials yourself for your home remodel projects. However, there are also reasons for which you may want to let the professionals handle the purchasing. If you have more questions or an idea for a home remodel in Ramona or San Diego county, please reach out to Economizers Hardware and talk with our trained professionals about what kind of deal we can get you on personalized item lists.

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